Bad Boys Unlimited


Leaving Nightstone, the bad boys see a castle floating in the sky with a cloud staircase leading to it. They enter and meet the Cloud Giant wizard Zephyros. He tells them he'll take them to Bryn Shander, and that they can stay in the first floor area.


On the third day of the trip, masked cultists riding giant vultures land on the clouds and demand to speak to Zephyros. They want his help to bring the world back to its primordial state. Zephyros is unsure what to do, and returns to the castle to do something. Something goes wrong and he becomes retarded.

Tired of waiting, the cultists demand entry to the castle. The group allows it, but convinces 5 of them to stay outside. The cultists and the party fly up to Zephyros' bedroom. When the cultists see that he's incapacitated, they turn on the party.

2 of the weaker cultists and one of the stronger ones are easily killed. The main cultist releases something from a bag. Thorian shield bashes the main cultist off the ledge, but he grabs onto the edge. Sigmund uses his ax to cut off the cultist's fingers, sending him falling to his death. After killing the invisible monster from the bag, the group returns to the first floor to deal with the remaining cultists. Rah puts four of them to sleep, and the other one is killed by Sigmund. The group drops the sleeping cultists off the side of the cloud castle, and returns to the inside to rest.


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