Bad Boys Unlimited

Day 2 - Nightstone and Caves

The Bad Boys enter Nightstone and explore the city, murking many a gobbler. The group meets Sweet Tyrone, the kenku rogue, who can only speak shittily. He tells them the villagers have been taken prisoner by goblins from the nearby caves, after fleeing from a rock bombardment by cloud giants.

The group heads to the caves with horses from the stable, they see armored mercenaries who claim to be bounty hunters looking for Kella Darkhope. The group hadn't seen her, so they leave for the caves.


They enter the caves from the east, destroying a black slime that corners them. Sigmund refuses to help, mostly. They sneak around the cave, avoiding the goblins and ogres inside, until they stumble upon the villagers. Morag tells them to try to bargain with the goblins.

They enter the Boss' chamber. He says he will release the villagers if they destroy the slime. When he learns that they already did it, he's happy and agrees to release everyone.

With the villagers in tow, they return to Nightstone, where the mercenaries have raised the drawbridge and occupied the city. They say that the town is now under the control of the Zhentarim. The group agrees to let the Zhentarim have the villagers and town, though Morag disapproves.

Xolkin Allasander, the leader of this group of Zhent, thanks them for going along with him, and offers them a mission to shake down a merchant in Bryn Shander for the Zhent. They are to collect the 1000 gold that the merchant owes, and bring it to the Snail in Daggerford.

Day 1
Arriving in Nightstone

Three adventurers arrive in Nightstone, looking to profit off of the bounty being offered for goblins. They are Thorian, a human nature paladin, Sigmund Ironrod, a sassy dwarf barbarian, and Rah Sun-Diggah, an inscrutable high elf sorceror. They enter the city and fight two wargs in the square. They decide to camp outside the city for the night.


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